Our vision

To reduce hardship, improve wellbeing and enhance life opportunities for all

Our mission

Jaspar Foundation supports programmes across education, healthcare, elderly and disabled, homelessness and poverty and emergency relief. We wish to alleviate hardship and improve lives and opportunities in the UK and around the world

Our core values

We ensure our services to humanity by adding value and benefit, impacting those in need by making a personal commitment to live by these values every day


Showing warmth and empathy in the most difficult of circumstances


Recognising that everyone is an individual and treating others with dignity and respect


Actively practising inclusion, by helping individuals of all ages, from diverse social, ethnic and gender backgrounds


Acting with integrity and honesty, striving for excellence and being accountable for our actions

Our actions

We undertake our vision and accomplish our mission by:

Donating financially, with time, skills and networking

Supporting initiatives and providing targeted support in our preferred sectors to directly improve lives in a measurable way

Empowering communities, reducing inequality and enhancing life opportunities for those most in need

Collaborating with others to offer innovative solutions in order to make a difference – being strong together


The work we do

Our Journey

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“Giving is not just about making donations, it’s about making a fundamental difference to the people of the world”

Raj Pankhania


“You want to be the pebble in the pond that creates the ripples for change”

Tim Cook, Apple CEO