St Luke’s Hospice

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Jaspar Foundation made a substantial donation to St Luke’s Hospice in Harrow, to support an in-patient room for two years.

Following the donation, the Foundation’s Director Riddhi Pankhania was invited to a reception in support of the hospice, hosted by Metro Bank. With our roots firmly established in the Harrow area, the Jaspar Foundation is keen to help local organisations.

Riddhi Pankhania, the Director of Jaspar Foundation said, “St Luke’s is well known locally for the fantastic work it does providing the best possible end-of-life care for hundreds of people in Harrow and Brent every year.

“It relies on the support of the local community for most of its funding and we are delighted to help the hospice through a difficult time as it has faced increasing demand for its services following the closure of other hospice units locally.”

Behind Every Kick

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Jaspar Foundation generously donated towards the BEK Big Give Christmas Challenge 2019. Through this match funding opportunity, Behind Every Kick (‘BEK’) raised a total of £25,000 which significantly contributed to the programme delivery costs for the next year.

The generous donation enabled us to fully fund the cost of 7 in-house specialist trainers to deliver the full BEK Development Programme across London. The programme works with young people in Year 11 (age 15 years old) and is delivered over the course of a sports season with partner clubs and school teams. The sessions on the programme focus on themes such as dealing with pressure, resilience, communication and teamwork in a theoretical and practical environment. They are designed to encourage the team to practice the theories and methods covered in the sessions within the context of their sports training and to understand the transferability of these skills in their daily lives.

“It’s benefitted us in ways I don’t think we even realise. We used to have a different approach when we were winning or losing, we reacted differently than we do now. It’s so nice to see how much we’ve grown and matured…”
Malakia, Age 15 , School 21.

“Thank you for all these opportunities and I really hope there will be more”
Richie Age 17, Sporting Hackney FC

“It was really striking how engaged the groups were. Using sport as a way to connect with young people really seemed to resonate with them and the conversations we were able to have about their lives, the challenges they face and the skills they can develop were incredibly powerful.”

Ewan Flynn, Trainer at Skinners Academy and Sporting Hackney

Colnbrook School

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Jaspar Foundation felt humbled to work with Eastbury & Moor Park Community Aid in January 2021, to donate food boxes every 2 weeks over 3 months, for 50 families in need at Colnbrook School.

Colnbrook is a special needs school in South Oxhey, which made it difficult for these families to shop for food easily, with special needs children in tow. The food boxes were vegetarian and contained cupboard dry food as well as fresh fruit and vegetables to cover a 2 week period. Local grocers were more than willing to support the donation with the supply of fresh fruit and vegetables from Aston Fruit & Veg and Warren’s Fruit & Veg.

This collaborative effort truly alleviated suffering and helped the wellbeing of the 50 families whom we supported.

“Thank you once again from everyone at Colnbrook for your amazing generosity to the families.”

Caroline Aplin, Headteacher, Colnbrook School

Third Hope Africa

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Through Haberdashers Boys School Charity, Jaspar Foundation are humbled to support Third Hope with the long-term rehabilitation of ex-child soldiers in Uganda. Third Hope provides these ex-child soldiers with vocational training, alongside therapy and care, acknowledging the deep trauma they have suffered and that life beyond their past, still has meaning.

The name of the charity is derived from an African proverb: The first hope springs from birth and the gift of new life. Growing and losing our innocence we carry with us the second hope, a belief that good things in life may come our way: education, a family of our own, work we enjoy. War kills this second hope, destroying families, livelihoods and futures. So “Is there a third hope…is there a way through this devastation to restoration, healing and wholeness?” The search for that hope is the journey of Third Hope Africa.

Our donation helped 71 trainees through the Regenerative Agriculture Course with training, classroom teaching and practical work on the farms in Uganda. Most of the ex-child soldiers have access to family land and it is possible to provide all the nutritious food their families need as well as grow extra cash crops for income. This has been a revelation to many and gives them hope and confidence for the future.

Ambulance Donation in memory of Arjan Premji Ladwa & Jayvantibala Arjan Ladwa

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With a mission to serve and to do good, Raj Pankhania BEM and Jaspar Foundation have considered with kindness the Aasha Hospital in Porbandar, India through the Shree Ashvin Bharania Charity Foundation.

In loving memory of Arjan Premji Ladwa & Jayvantibala Arjan Ladwa, Jaspar Foundation have donated an ambulance, which has been much needed to help the poor population of Porbandar, Raj’s home city. The situation has been especially difficult for the past 18 months, since the Covid pandemic has affected so many poor people in India. From humble beginnings in India to life in the UK, Raj is honoured to give back to the local community to which he belonged as a boy.

A Slice of Happiness

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Having lost the ability to have an all important human connection in lockdown, many have experienced grief, anxiety, depression, anger, loneliness.  

In conjunction with W3RT, A Slice of Happiness’ “Wellbeing Spa” offered an ‘inside-out’ experience where all individuals can increase overall feelings of well-being, decrease anxiety and stress, and welcome human connections back into their lives.  The Wellbeing Spa aims to create a safe space by recreating a feeling of oneness where you can be yourself without any judgement. Jaspar Foundation whole-heartedly supported and encouraged the good work done by A Slice of Happiness in tackling mental health. Overall wellness offers the opportunity for greater clarity of mind and increased confidence in decision making among other benefits. 

Comfort Cases UK

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Jaspar Foundation is humbled to support Comfort Cases UK by donating backpacks for children in foster care.

You Donate We Deliver was hugely successful with their campaign cooking and delivering nutritious meals, snacks and baked goods to the NHS front line staff as well as ambulance services during the pandemic, so they decided to expand their reach. Comfort Cases UK was thus established to benefit youth in foster care throughout the UK. As of March 2020, 90,000 children were in foster care possessing little or no personal belongings and often being without a bag to carry any items in, though most of whom will experience a home move every 3 years.

Comfort Cases are backpacks filled with comfort and personal care items for youth entering the foster care system which bring dignity and hope. Children are usually given a bin bag in which to pack up their belongings when they are removed from their homes. Comfort Cases UK is working to end this practice whilst providing the essentials for a child’s first few days in foster care.

Comfort Cases UK works with Local Authorities and Independent Foster Agencies providing Comfort Cases which contain a cosy new pair of pyjamas, a stuffed animal or teddy, a toothbrush, soap and other personal care items to sustain their first few nights with a new family. 

This brings the children comfort and avoids the degrading practice of them carrying their few belongings in plastic or bin bags.

Laughter Specialists, UK

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We are happy to have supported The Laughter Specialists, a beautiful charity that works tirelessly to brighten the lives of children who need it the most through the powerful medicine of laughter. Our donation will help the continuation and extension of Laughter Specialists to reach and increase the number of children and families they are able to touch.

Training 2 additional specialists whilst delivering positive outcomes to vulnerable children, this project will deliver both a teaching & training element whilst also delivering services to children with challenges, including those with terminal illness and / or long-term sickness, multiple and complex physical and mental disabilities. Never underestimate the power of laughter!