The Jaspar Foundation grant application

Jaspar Foundation endeavours to support local causes and community initiatives and we offer grants to UK based registered charities and organisations.


Grants can range from a minimum of £500 to a maximum of £10,000.
Each application is considered on its own merit.

The Foundation aims to respond to applications within an 8-10 week period. During busy periods or holiday season, this can stretch to 12 weeks. Please note that the Trustees may request further verifying information before making a decision. If your organisation wishes to apply for a grant, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please read all the criteria before submitting an application.

Who Can Apply

We welcome applications that fall in line with our 5 core sectors – quality education, health & wellbeing, elderly & disabled, homelessness & poverty and emergency relief appeals.

Applications which help to improve the welfare and quality of life of those who are disadvantaged within the community are prioritised.

Listed below are some examples of the types of organisations who can apply to Jaspar Foundation:

· Registered charities & CIC’s in the UK
· Social and community aid groups in the Bushey/Stanmore/Harrow/Hillingdon/Northwood/Watford/Ruislip areas who raise funds supporting local causes/initiatives

Please Note


We do not sanction grants for research purposes, refurbishment of buildings, utilities costs, rental payments, purchase of land/buildings/property, capital costs, core costs, salaries, running/admin costs or to individuals.

We do not donate to military charities, single or multi faith charities, environmental or animal welfare charities. 

We are unable to accept applications from organisations who are less than 12 months old.

Applications are limited to one application in
any 12-month period.

The grant funding window for applications
is currently closed.

Completing The Application

Applications should ensure that there is a specific request for funding, clearly providing an evidence-based proposal/project for the grant required. It must show the effectiveness of the cause and the impact the project/initiative will have.

The application should clearly state the forecasted data on the number of lives impacted. Following the success of the Grant Funding Application, the Foundation requires an updated evidence-based total on the lives impacted by the grantee and also full information on how the funds were utilised. This data is very important to help us complete impact evaluation reports on the grants made.

The Foundation sends out 3, 6 and 12 month monitoring forms to all charities/organisations who have received grant funding. This must be completed and returned to us, to ensure that funds are being utilised for the purpose agreed, targets are met and if any changes to the project/proposal were made together with timescales. We monitor the estimate of the lives impacted versus the actual number of lives impacted for any grant awarded. Please note that this data needs to be accurate and realistic.

Who Assesses The Application

All enquiries and applications are reviewed by the Foundation’s Trustees. Information on the Trustees can be found on our Team & Trustees page.

How To Apply

Please complete the grant application form with all the relevant details. Please email it to [email protected]. Email acknowledgements are sent within 7-10 working days and decisions on the applications usually take 8-10 weeks.

Email [email protected] for application form