Making a difference

Jaspar Foundation supports initiatives that directly impact lives in a meaningful way. Our projects provide opportunities by strengthening the essential pillars of life: education, health, wellbeing and security. These projects are transformative, enduring and rewarding to those in need.

We choose which causes to champion, empowering a brighter future for others and we give broadly wherever we see people who need help.

The work we do

We aim to empower communities, reduce inequality and provide targeted support in the following areas:


Quality Education


Good Health & Wellbeing


Elderly & Disabled


Homelessness & Poverty


Emergency Relief

Using our experience and expertise, we work in partnership with other funds, charities and organisations to undertake such projects in order to make a change.

Our Journey

The Jaspar Foundation

Our Vision

Propelling our mission, values and actions


“If we have the power to alleviate suffering, we should do it. The world needs more of this”

Chandrika Pankhania


“We rise by lifting others”

Robert Ingersoll