Emergency Relief

The Mbaraki Clinic in Mombasa has a persistent water problem of no piped water.

Without water a clinic cannot be run as there is no hygiene for the patients.

Currently due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, the local population is forced to buy water at a very high price. Men, pregnant women and children used to walk almost 4km each way to fill jerry cans and access fresh water from distant locations. For the local population, “water is life!”

The Rotary Club of Kilindini reached out to The Jaspar Foundation for a funding donation for the construction of the bore hole. There is a group of 7 ladies who look after this hand pump opening it for 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening.

Jaspar Foundation sponsored the bore hole which opened in December 2020 and has already made a huge impact on improving the lives of 2,000 people each day. The Clinic is also able to have access to fresh water. The bore hole is regularly maintained by the Rotary Club of Kilindini.

Thank you to Jaspar Foundation. Through your kind donation, it has been possible for the local population to benefit from fresh, clean water daily from the bore hole at Mbaraki Clinic, Mombasa. 500 people daily are coming to collect water for bathing, washing, drinking and cooking so this is a great impact for the community. God bless.”

Anil Dodhia, Trustee, Rotary Club of Kilindini